Cannabinoids 101: A Journey into Natures Therapeutic Compounds

Andrew Hill
Our intention with this blog post is to give you a simple to understand guide to the various drugs commonly refereed to as cannabinoids. We’ve included the major or minor cannabinoids that many consumers are familiar with these days, CBD, CBN, THC etc. As well as the little talked about Varin cannabinoids that are making an appearance in the hemp industry. We have included the acid forms of each cannabinoid, with a very basic overview of current research, use in traditional medicine, and potential benefits.

Exploring the Magic of Terpenes: Guide to Aroma's & Benefits

Andrew Hill
Our hope with this guide is that you will begin to find terpenes and cannabis varietals that give you the relief and effect you are searching for. As you can see from this guide, Indica vs. Sativa is not what dictates the effect of a “strain”. What dictates the energy, sedative, focus, etc effects of cannabis is the terpenes. Terpinoids are most commonly used in aromatherapy methodologies. 

Navigating the Mind: Psychoactive vs Psychotropic Effects

Andrew Hill 1 comment
Uncover the nuanced differences between the terms psychoactive & psychotropic, unravel the science behind their effects, and gain insights into how they relate to the world of hemp, cbd, cbg, and beyond. Join us on a journey through the wellness landscape of cannabinoid supplements and it's potential impacts on your life.

From Lab to Label: A Consumer's Guide to Choosing Safe Delta-8 and Delta-10 Products

Eddy Cockerell

This article provides a concise exploration of Delta-8 and Delta-10 THC, two cannabinoids that have sparked controversies in the consumer market. It addresses the key question of whether these cannabinoids are natural, semi-synthetic, or synthetic and emphasizes the importance of understanding the extraction source. The safety of these cannabinoids is discussed, with a focus on transparency from brands and the need for certificates of analysis (COAs) from reputable labs.